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For the past 40 years the restoration of the underground workings at Rosevale Mine has depended on private funding from the team members and on donations from people who are interested in what we are doing.  For a short period during the 1990s tours of the mine were offered to members of the public, some of this was run in conjunction with Geevor Mine.  This provided a useful source of additional funds, however escalating insurance costs and increased health and safety requirements meant that this was no longer a viable option.  As there is no commercial objective with this project, it relies more than ever on private funding.

Our prime objective at Rosevale has always been to recreate and maintain an authentic and typical example of a small Cornish tin mine.  We have looked at the possibility of applying for various public grants, but the small-scale and privately run nature of this project means that we fail many of the eligibility criteria.  In addition, grant funding usually comes with stringent requirements for the project to deliver outputs that we consider would mean making changes that could irreparably alter the authentic nature of the mine and detract from its unique realism.

When the project began in the 1970s it was relatively easy and cheap to obtain equipment and materials, but nowadays continuing the restoration (see future schemes) and maintaining the mine is becoming increasingly costly.  Consequently we are becoming more and more dependent on donations. 


Rosevale Mine is a unique restoration project.  We are always looking for sources of funding to help with the continuing work. If you like this project and feel that it is a worthwhile cause and you would like to discuss about making a donation towards the project funds please contact:


Visitors looking at the ladderway

from No.2 Level to No.1 Level 

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