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Digging out the Deep Adit winze


Early 2022 saw the start of digging out a backfilled winze that had been uncovered at the intersection of Red Lode and Caunter Lode on No.2 Level.  According to an old mine plan this winze is 25 feet deep connecting to the 'Wheal Chance Deep Adit'.  The top of the winze was exposed and is approximately 20 feet long and takes up the full width of the level.  

Once the top 5 feet of backfill had been removed, three 6" x 12" stulls were installed as the main supports for a wooden platform to provide a floor across the top of the winze.  At this point it soon became apparent that the footwall of the winze was in extremely poor condition. and further stulls had to be installed beneath these.

Winze ladderway 25-06-2022.png

The original timbered ladderway was discovered near the bottom of the backfilled and collapsed material in the winze (photo: @ridgeway500).  The ground conditions here are very poor.

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